Language Services by Scientific Language

Scientific Language Co., Ltd. provides translation, English editing, and audio transcription services specialized in the field of academic research and R&D activities by universities and other research institutes in both the public and private sectors.

Our coordinator will select the staff member whose experience best meets your demands in terms of required knowledge, schedule and other requirements. Your individually designated coordinator will support you throughout the process.

Translation / English Editing

We provide translation and English editing services of the highest quality and reliability in the field of academic research and R&D activities.
All the members of our translation and editing team are professionals with a high level of skill and knowledge in their respective fields of expertise.
We promise highly qualified services based on a solid and well-established background. You can place your trust in our hands.

Target documents
  • Academic articles, journal articles, degree theses
  • Research materials, technical materials
  • Materials for presentation at academic conferences and symposiums
  • Annual reports

We are happy to assist overseas businesses who are seeking to expand in the Japanese market or foreign nationals who are working in Japan with their translation needs and requirements.

  • Company websites, catalogs and brochures
  • Notices of employment, employment rules and regulations, certificates (residency card, driver's license, salary statements, bank statements, etc.)
Fees (before tax)
  • Translation (E > J): 22 yen~ / English word
  • Translation (J > E): 16 yen~ / Japanese character
  • English editing: 12 yen~ / English word
  • We also offer translation services in language pairs other than Japanese-English and English-Japanese. Please contact us for more information.
  • We are happy to provide an editing certificate or translation certificate upon request.
  • We respond to customer inquiries in Japanese or English.

Language Pairs

Japanese ⇔ English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay
English ⇔ Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic

Audio Transcription

Our staff of experienced professionals will carefully transcribe your audio/visual data of lectures and discussions at academic conferences and symposiums, research interviews, committee meetings, and various other occasions.
An accurately transcribed text will be a great help in preparing reports, minutes, and articles for various media.
Audio transcription services are available for English and Japanese languages.

Target data
  • Symposiums, forums, seminars, panel discussions
  • Lectures, discussions
  • Academic conferences, committee meetings, board of directors meetings, general meetings
  • Talks, round-table talks
  • Interviews with and hearings investigations of research subjects
Fees (before tax)
  • Audio transcription (E): 32,000 yen~ /hour
  • Audio transcription (J): 25,000 yen~ /hour

Our fields of specialty

  • Life science
  • Materials/Nanotechnology
  • Social infrastructure
  • Medical science/Medical treatment/Nursing/Pharmacy
  • Information and communication
  • Energy
  • Frontier science
  • Others
  • Environment
  • Manufacturing/Engineering
  • Liberal arts/Economy/Sociology

Follow-through services for additional security

We provide follow-through services with responsibility.
If you have any queries or feedback regarding a project, we provide free corrections as part of our service. We will be happy to provide free corrections as needed.
*Free corrections are available within a month after your receipt of our results. *Free corrections do not include those needed as a result of changes in the original document or upon your request.


Payment is expected to be made by credit card in advance, or by transfer to the bank account specified on the invoice by the end of the month that follows the month of your receipt of our results.
*We will issue an estimate, delivery note, and invoice for payment with public funds (school funds, research funds, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, etc.).


For further details, please send an e-mail with your document attached to:

E-mail: sci@scientific-language.co.jp