At work or hospital – everyday situations where translation might be needed

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As the number of overseas residents in Japan and foreign visitors increases, there is increasing demand for translation of documents in everyday situations. Scientific Language offers translation services for documents needed at work, at the hospital or for official administration purposes.
We also offer document formatting and adjustment of layout as part of our service. Please contact us for more information.

・ We translate PDFs or scanned documents.
・ Please see the [Overview of translation services] for more information on the language pairs supported by our company.
・ We are happy to issue Certificate_Translation_sample_2019 upon request.

Sample documents
・Documents relating to employment of foreign workers: Notice of employment, employment rules and regulations, employee certificates (e.g. residency card, family register, driver’s license, salary statement, bank statements, etc.)
・Medical documents requiring multilingual translation: Pamphlets, brochures, information guides, medical questionnaires, explanatory materials, receipts, etc.

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